No More GMO’s

GMO's are not good for our bodies

Our Bodies on GMO’s

Now you are asking why not Genetically Modified Organisms?

Here are just a few of the reasons for NO MORE GMOS:

  • GMOs are NOT Natural – NOT how nature intended to provide nutrients for animals and humans.
  • GMOs have led to an documented increase in allergies in humans and animals.
  • GMO’s are one of the leading causes of Cancer in the United States.
  • Use of GMO’s increases the likely hood of autism, and is one of the causes in the drastic increase of autism world wide.
  • Most of the developed “first world” countries have banned GMO’s, and in the United States they have refused to even so much as Label them.
  • Some of the Chemicals used with GMO’s are directly responsible for the decline in the pollinators worldwide.
    • Including Honey Bees
    • Mason Bees
    • Monarch Butterflies

If they Cause cancer in Rats – Why are we eating them?

GMO Cancer Rat
Rat with Cancer from GMO’s

Many studies by overseas groups and even the State of California is now moving to label pesticides and herbicides as a “probable carcinogenic”.  Why on earth would we want to be exposing our environment and our selves to these type of chemicals?

Rats with Cancer from GMO's
Rats with Cancer from GMO’s

Remember when you were young? Do you ever remember so many people allergic to so many things? Allergies in Humans have increased 400% since GMOs were introduced. Those allergies are our bodies saying enough – I was not made to eat these chemicals.   Our Bodies were not designed to live on processed food like substances.

So, we ask you: Why on earth would you want to eat GMO’s?