Who are We?

Who Are We?

We are a group of people who care deeply about what is happening to our food and environment by Genetically Modified Organisms.

Three Myths about GMO's

Through a variety of projects we will continue to combat and strive not only to label GMOs, but for an all out BAN on the use, production, and consumption of GMOs, and the chemicals related to their use and production.


We will continue to support the March Against Monsanto (MAM) projects, in their efforts to gain mandatory labeling, as we see this as a stepping the right direction. But will not rest until GMOs are banned.  We will also offer LOCAL support and assistance for LOCAL grass roots groups that wish to engage in efforts to ban GMOs outside of the MAM efforts.

March Against Monsanto
GMO effect on Pigs Stomach

We provide event organization assistance, speakers, literature,  and support (as availible) for activities related to combating GMO’s in the United States and around the world.


If You would like information of forming your LOCAL chapter or other ways to get involved or even have additional ideas, please use the contact us page. One of our volunteer staff would be happy to get back to you just as soon as possible.