A Little Monsanto History



60 Monsanto Kills

Here is the Story of Monsanto’s evil history:

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Monsanto Dirty Deeds

With a history like Monsanto’s – Why would we want these chemical terrorists controlling our food?



The revolving door between Monsanto and the Government that is charged with regulating them has led to a blatant disregard for humans and the environment. When profits become more important than People – we have an issue.

Will You do your part to help us and others Stop this craziness?

March Against Monsanto

Be There!


Round Up = Liquid Posion for humanity

Round Up – Liquid Poison For Humanity


After Math of Monsanto

Aftermath of Monsanto –

Why does a chemical company need a mercenary company?

Why does a chemical company need to own mercenary company?

Monsanto = Destorying Family Farmers

Monsanto = Destroying family farmers